Have you noticed a big shift in designer’s “fabric-of-choice” lately?

Lace has had a huge resurgence in designers collections over the last few seasons.  Colour and  layering are new modern ways of creating with lace which  can be worn day and night, elegantly formal or crisp and causal. Its versatility is as endless as the colours, textures and types.
This elegant lace of floral motifs with defined corded outline on a fine netting ground originated in france in the 16th century.
This expressive bold lace cleverly hides geometric structures with bold gothic features. A strong and most famous lace.
This delicate lace has a fine floral motif on a six point ground. Light and whimsical with a transparent base this lace originated in the deep in modern history.
This ancient geometric weave is a robust and rustic decorative netting. Believed to have originated in the depths of time.
This bold lace has expressive motifs with textured detail. It is considered a daytime lace with great wearability.

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